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Phoenix Ceiling Light

Tri-Colour | MCL40


Born out of fire and earth, the Phoenix takes the simple shape of a hexagon as the basis for its exquisite design. The shape is copiously multiplied, twisted, turned and built up on branches all fed into a central cluster of luxuriously patinated plates. Jurassic in character and unapologetic in its form, the colour palette is that of its origin, the flame oranges and reds of rust-toned steel and copper. The addition of nickel plates makes way for stunning reflections of light and finishes off this tri-colour marvel to perfection. The Phoenix has risen in two forms; a chandelier with 5 sprawling arms for higher impact and a the more compact Phoenix Crown which sees the plates densely packed on to a circular frame.


  • Height
    540mm / 21 1/4"
  • Width
    1280mm / 50 1/2"
  • Finishes
  • Designers note
    The nature of the design allows for a certain degree of individual and free movement of the plates
    Due to natural patination, this finish is subject to change over time
  • Constructed from
    Patinated and polished steel and copper
  • Net weight
    18kg / 39 3/4lb
  • Max wattage
    15 x 25W
  • Lamp
    15 x G9 Halogen bulb
  • Voltage
  • Flex and switch
    Brown braided silk flex
  • Total drop
    1600mm / 63"
  • Minimum drop
    640mm / 25 1/4"
  • Ceiling rose dimensions
    Diameter 115mm (4 1/2") x Depth 20mm (3/4")
    1 metre (39 1/4") chain included.


Natural architecture combined with patterns and structures borrowed from Nature are at the heart of the elemental collection. The perfect hexagons of a honeycomb; molten lava; flowing water; burnt wood and precious stones.

A spider’s web, an insect’s cocoon, a crystal and the cool clear blues of air and water meet the hot rust tones of earth and fire.

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