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Resonating with the colours of the Scottish Highlands, slices of peat and the coal coloured depths of the Loch; bracken, gorse and heather overgrown with rust dried ferns; velvet green moss and lichen covered rocks; shiny riverbed pebbles against a storm layered sky. A gold Giraffe has no business in this place.
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Behind the scenes of the Caledonia photo shoot. This was our first shoot with the team that has gone on to work with us for six campaigns so far. The images are classic, and range from intimate portraits of the Giraffe lamp, shot in a stable, to major set-pieces like the chandelier group image. The brief was to find an environment and staging that would be grand but fading, a suitable dwelling for an unseen but eccentric collector.

The venue, Copped Hall, is a fine but derelict Georgian Mansion that offered numerous intimate spaces in which to shoot. The detailed images, populated with stuffed animals and other peculiarities, lend the shots a complexity and layering that helps create a timeless mood.