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A harmonious system.

Mankind’s wonder of the universe is eternal.

The moon’s cratered textures of milky white and it’s ever constant metamorphosis from crescent to full, explored here in celestial bodies of glass that glow and blistered rounds of forged metal that radiate a soft luminosity. The story of our world is woven into glistening stars and their patterns; part science, part mythology, but always magical.

And with lightness, comes darkness.

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The unknown. The atmospheres where strange gases swirl to create smoke and molten rivers of lava flow through craggy rock pools to form intense pigments. Dormant asteroids are given life once again. Crystals form, geology is created. Unpredictably wild but always exciting.

Our hunger to know more about this mysterious place creates exquisite machinery. Cogs of cast metal, linear sharp edges and graphic shapes come together to connect us with this faraway place.

The palette is ethereal greys and whites, an injection of charcoal, a hint of celadon. Metallic veins of gold and silver meander through creating glimmers of preciousness.

Flowing lines and simple shapes. Elegant simplicity.

This is Cosmos