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Tord Boontje

Aptly enough, it was a chance meeting in a garden that began Porta Romana’s collaboration with the wonderful Tord Boontje. His exquisite interpretations of natural motifs; creeping ivy, fluid branches and textured bark provided the perfect centrepieces for the Enchanted Forest collection. Tord remarks that the forest concept is a ‘familiar landscape’ to us all, somewhere we can connect with and a place to let our imaginations run wild. So fallen trees and sunlight now become a pair of side tables – a meeting place for woodland creatures perhaps. Sprawling ivy is tamed and twisted around a framework, projecting enchanting shadows of leaves and tendrils on to the nearest surface. And chairs that appear to be growing straight from tree roots delicately appear on the forest floor – whimsically beautiful.
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There is a sense of romanticism and pure magic to Tord’s designs. Combine this with Porta Romana’s family of skilled artisan craftspeople and the result is something really quite special.

Welcome to the Enchanted Forest.

Porta Romana were thrilled that the Ivy Shadow Chandelier took centre stage at Sotheby’s as part of the ‘Originals’ exhibition.