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Lampshade Studio

At Porta Romana we strive for perfection in every aspect of our designs, and that includes our lampshades which is why we set out to create a higher specification and called it “Gold Standard”.

What does this mean? All our wirework is 4mm thick and powder coated in our own branded colour, champagne. This extra rigidity helps prevent dinks during its lifetime and allows the shade to travel well. We stitch our side seams, a feature that is now a hallmark of a Porta Romana shade, and our new gathered shades are all hand-sewn in London.

The transparencies of our linings have been created purposefully to give the right glow when lit, every silk, satin or velvet requires a different thickness. Our packaging has been redesigned to ensure environmental harmony, and ease of unpacking.  We even care about the positioning of our labels.

Whenever necessary a base will have its own unique shade, our personal recommendation. However you can also customise your shape, your colour, your lining, your light output, but the quality is non-negotiable.