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7th October 2015 • News


Lady with a Book by Vanessa Bell 1945

One of the dominant themes running through theElemental collection is the rich and riotous use of colours found in the lavish velvets, the complex new glazes and the wondrous patterns – the inspiration? The Bloomsbury Group.

As a celebration of the centenary of Charleston House, the country home of the Bloomsbury artists, we have created a collection which is inspired by the art and freedom of expression of Vanessa and Quentin Bell and Duncan Grant. Porta Romana felt excited by the warm yellows, paprika oranges and olive greens, the deep ocean blues and the grounding earth tones.

Myra McDonnell

Once again we enlisted the help of the talented Myra McDonnell, a wonderful ceramicist, who had worked alongside Cressida, granddaughter of Quentin Bell himself, to breathe life in to the glazes. With our vision and Myra’s knowledge we have been able to develop the wonderful new colour palette that so complements our new velvet and Liberty shades. The bold lines and use of colour encouraged a completely new glaze, aptly named Bloomsbury. A vanilla cream base provides the canvas for an explosion of strokes and flicks. There is something free about this design which embodies the ideals of artistic liberty upheld by the Bloomsbury group themselves.

Warm Ceramics Shot

Image reference: Lady with a Book by Vanessa Bell 1945, Warm Ceramics Shot, Myra McDonnell