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6th September 2018 • News

Charity Auction


In a bid to exceed our ambitious target, to raise £30,000 to build an education centre in South Africa, we have commissioned five leading artists and designers to decorate a Porta Romana lamp in their own distinctive style, which will be sold at Auction on November 29th to help underprivileged children.

Adebayo Bolaji, Studio Alidad, Kit Kemp, Martyn Lawrence Bullard and design duo Turner Pocock have each generously committed to designing a one off, unique piece of art.

Our team of artists, who have become accustomed to pushing creative boundaries, have embraced this challenge which perhaps pushes them to their limits as they abandon the Porta Romana handwriting they have meticulously mastered to interpret a new method.

The sale features intricate and delicate motifs, naive yet ultra sophisticated scenes, bold and unexpected paint effects, as well as powerful abstract art.

Visit our Design Centre Chelsea Harbour showroom to view the exquisite variety of lamps which will be centre stage, for the month of November.

Auction has ended.

Discover more about charity work. 

Lot 1 :

Adebayo Bolaji
Shido Lamp
H 380mm / 15”
W 345mm / 18”

British multidisciplinary Artist Adebayo Bolaji is known for his unapologetic use of colour and texture. The subject of his paintings varies, although at the centre of his practice is the dialogue of change and the focus on the individual within a connecting society, whether that be anthropological, religious, historical, or popular culture with a direct commentary on the state of the human. Bolaji makes the conscious choice of working with acrylic paint, which dries fast, his bold and expressive technique transform the Shido Lamp, creating an exceptionally special and unique piece.

Lot 1 : Adebayo Bolaji

Lot 2 : Studio A
Sybil Lamp
H 450mm / 7 3/4”
W 260mm / 10 1/4”

Studio A, create stylish spaces inspired by Alidad, whose work is characterised by ambitious and elaborate interiors. Accomplished Artist Naomi Stokes, who has worked with
Porta Romana for almost two decades has interpreted the complex and richly ornate pattern, designed by Studio A, onto the Sybil Lamp with skill and expertise. The classically inspired lamp, exhibits Alidad’s signature opulence.

Lot 2 : Studio Alidad

Lot 3 A & B  : Kit Kemp
A pair of Ridley Lamps
H x 410mm / 16 1/4
W x 225mm / 8 3/4”

Kit Kemp co-owner and Design Director for Firmdale Hotels is passionate about creating exciting and unique interiors, she is also a highly respected champion of British art.

A – ‘Sailors Farewell’ Kit has designed a whimsical painterly seaside scene to embellish the curvaceous base of the Ridley Lamp. Our talented artist Claire King, has captured the charming landscape and intricate detail with expertise, bringing a delightful new character to this lamp.

B – ‘Multicoloured Ridley Lamp’ is a happy design that depicts the Kit Kemp Design Studio’s love of colour and pattern. The lamp base and shade are treated as a whole and linked by repeating elements on the shade.

Kit Kemp
Lot 3 A & B : Kit Kemp

Lot 4 : Martyn Lawrence Bullard
Zulu Lamp
H x 510mm / 20”
W x 290mm / 11 1/2”

Martyn Lawrence Bullard a multi-award winning Los Angeles-based interior designer renowned for his broad range of styles and eclectic, yet sophisticated and inviting interiors commissioned Claire King, a highly skilled painter within our team to interpret his fabric design ‘Senja’ a Balinese version of the tree of life onto our large scale Zulu Lamp. Having worked for Porta Romana for more than 20 years, Claire’s expertise is her intricate and delicate technique. Her skill and precision have perfectly mastered the fragility of this design.

Lot 4 : Martyn Lawrence Bullard

Lot 5 : Turner Pocock
Metropolis Lamp
H x 670mm / 20”
W x 210mm / 8 1/4”

Named in the prestigious House & Garden Directory of the 100 Leading Interior Designers and the Sunday Times Top 30, Bunny Turner and Emma Pocock are widely recognised as “a dynamic duo with a passion for colour and pattern leading a revolution away from the beige years – responsible for both grown up classic to funkier urban looks.” Unsurprisingly they have opted for a bold design, inspired by Jackson Pollock. The rich palette and dramatic expressive hand of Pollock has been convincingly portrayed by our gifted Artist Joanne Mcdonald, who has relished the opportunity to embrace this challenge.

Lot 5 : Turner Pocock