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12th September 2019 • News

Discover Bohème


For over 30 years Porta Romana collections, hallmarked by the same values of artistic integrity and staggering craftsmanship, have travelled to the most exciting and interesting parts of the world. Passing through the heather toned highlands of Caledonia, they have emerged into the vivid greens of an Enchanted Forest. They have moved back through time to an Elemental era, and the age of Primitivism, and broken out of our universe and into the infinity of the Cosmos. They have given us Stillness.

Bohème connects the Porta Romana Design Team with three of the most exciting talents working in their fields today, Viola Lanari, whose sculpted plaster pieces have won her international acclaim; Dylan Bowen one of the country’s most revered studio potters; and Gareth Devonald Smith, sculptor, artist and metalsmith, have created a collection which is eclectic and diverse, dramatic and sophisticated, and full of character and warmth.

The palette is a mixture of richness in both colour and pattern, balanced by the almost monastic simplicity of white plasterwork. In materials ranging from hand-glazed ceramic, wrapped cane and woven wicker, forged, sculpted and patinated metal, every detail of proportion, scale and finish has been considered to produce works of art, destined for the world’s most beautiful interiors.

Discover the full collection.