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8th August 2016 • News



As we launch our fabulous new website, we’re celebrating some of the  key products which have shaped the Porta Romana brand and have become the ambassadors of the design ideals we try to uphold with each piece we create. These products are our Icons.

Porta Romana Super Models

To create the story board for the Icon Shoot  we chose to look at key 20th Century celebrity photographers like Mario Testino and Irving Penn. The idea was to set the lamps in an environment where they, like the superstars they were styled on, could be the heroes.  The finale shot would be a line-up recreation of the 1990’s Vogue cover of the original “Supermodels”. 

We were after a paired down, ironic, yet theatrical mood and so once more enlisted the help of  Arabella Mcnie, Stylist, and Chris Everard, photographer to create the “look”. Arabella immediately identified the need to work with heroic portrait lighting, and sought out some delicious backdrops reminiscent of the classic shoots. The colour palette would be restricted to allow the products themselves to take centre stage.

The only props we would need would be the photographers tools, left in shot.

All or Nothing by Mario Testino

The first image, the Flynn Stairwell, shot against the simple backdrop, set the tone, paired down and lit like a film star.  The group shot of the trio of lamps based on the Testino image had all the hall-marks of the original and was beautifully lit to emphasise the characteristics of the three different materials.

The Duck Feet shot was playfully styled on the iconic Carmen dell Orifice portrait by Fadil Berisha.  The still exquisite 80-year old was photographed all in black with only her shock of white hair as contrast.  For the Duck feet image we used the gold version against a black backdrop with the bird wearing a fabulous blue-black crow’s feather shade. Every inch the supermodel.

Carmen Dell'orefice
The Duck Feet Lamp