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29th March 2017 • News

Our Perfect Lampshade Guide



It’s what’s underneath that counts.

Even before you’ve made your fabric choices, a Porta Romana lampshade has already undergone the Gold Standard treatment. It begins with the wirework; a solid 4mm structure, coated in our exclusive Champagne finish and unique to Porta Romana.

Our stitched seams are the perfect finishing touch and paired with specially chosen cream card linings (as standard) you can be assured that the canvas is ready for your creative vision.

When your shade is ready to be delivered, it will be carefully wrapped in our custom-made packaging. Designed to be as sustainable and protective as possible.


CREAM CARD – provides a subtle glow and a warm light output. This is the standard lining supplied on all lampshades unless specified otherwise.

CHAMPAGNE CARD has a warm light output, it is elegant and limits the contrast between outer and lining colours. It blocks out some light, which helps keep the outer shade colour true and it also works very well with both Gold and Silver finishes – it is a Porta Romana favourite!

GOLD CARD has a rich and warm colouring. The light bounces around the inside of the shade and projects above and below. There will be no output through the body of the shade.

SILVER CARD is comparable to Gold but with a cooler, more contemporary light.

CLEAR LAMINATE gives maximum light through the body of the shade and needs very careful consideration because of the transparency. It can work well with neutral fabrics, but beware – you will see an increased amount of wirework and on smaller shades, the bulb!

SILK OR SATIN LININGS are a lovely way to customise design and a softer alternative to card linings. Depending on your outer and inner colour combination, we will choose whether it’s necessary to use a light block lining on your shade. Our neutrals don’t require a light block lining as the diffusion of light is subtle and not impacted by a strong pigment. However, when a bolder colour choice has been made we will put in a light block to avoid an unsightly bleed of light. This rule will also apply to certain fabric families, such as velvets.

We love the way Manilla Silk gives a soft warmth and how Wolf Silk gives a subtle, understated elegance, versatile enough to use with both linens and silk.


You can add in a diffuser or baffle to your shade as a styling tool or to help with light diffusion. DIFFUSERS go on the bottom and BAFFLES go in the top. They are useful for limiting glare, hiding internal workings, such as the wirework and electrical componentry and also give a luxe finish to your shade.
Our diffusers and baffles are made of perspex, in three hand-picked colour choices;

FROSTED WHITE gives maximum light output.

CHAMPAGNE gives soft warmth and complements our decorative paint finishes. A luxury feel.

PEARL our latest addition, gives a lustrous glow and is a good hybrid of the practical Frosted White and the finesse of the Champagne colourway.


We have developed each of our shades with the utmost attention to detail. Experience has taught us that styling with shades can enrich a scheme greatly.
Here are some of our top tips…
• Changing a shade is the perfect seasonal update to any scheme. In the winter, go for something dramatic and warming, such as a velvet. The soft diffusion of the light lends itself to a cosy feel. In the summer, breathe freshness into your room by swapping out heavier fabrics to a breezy linen in a soft neutral or pastel.
• Pleating and gathering can really change the style of a shade. Gathering a linen creates a relaxed vibe but gather a velvet and it creates something more luxurious. Play around with pattern for a bohemian feel. Formal pleats such as knife and box can achieve a classic look.
• Shapes can characterise a scheme. Cylinders can give a retro feel. Top Hats are great for a contemporary look and when you have space to go high but not wide. Slim straight ovals can be practical as well as adding balance – perfect for a lamp on a hallway console table, where projection needs to be slim.
• Adjusting the height of a shade is crucial in getting the proportions of the entire lamp correct. The lamp holder will allow you the freedom to play with the positioning.


If you’re looking for something totally unique you can customise every aspect of your shade or indeed, invent a completely brand new shape.

CUSTOM – choose your own fabric for your outer or inner. This will need to be checked for suitability before we commence, but having worked with a vast array of fabrics we are able to achieve almost anything.

BESPOKE – we can make a shade to your very own specification, any size and shape. This is useful for more unusual requirements.

Above all, choose a shade that perfectly suits your requirements, whether it be for practicality and functionality or for bold creativity. We will help you achieve your vision.