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9th November 2017 • News

Q&A with Sophie Paterson


Holiday House London opens today for the first time in the UK.

Celebrating the best in interior design and holiday entertaining, whilst supporting the fight against breast cancer, leading interior designers have created rooms full of drama, luxury and beauty.

We asked designer Sophie Paterson about her involvement in the project.

Discover her answers below.

When did you first get into interior design?

My first project for a developer was back in 2008 which is almost 10 years ago that decade has flown by! I designed all the interior architecture including the bathrooms, kitchen and joinery plus the decorative finishes then furnished and accessorised the property which was a total renovation plus basement excavation. It was an ambitious first project and definitely launched me into the deep end!

What is your earliest memory of Design?

I’ve always appreciated interiors and beauty in general. I recall restyling and moving my bedroom furniture from as young as 7 and asking for Christy towels for my 8th birthday. We moved house about 9 times during my childhood and I was always given an input into the decor from a young age. I was very opinionated on interiors even back then!

How would you describe your style?

It’s classic contemporary with a delicate use of colour and layers of texture and luxury.

Interior Designer Sophie Paterson

What made you want to get involved in Holiday House?

It’s a great cause and an exciting prospect to be part of the very first exhibition of this type in London.

What makes your kitchen design the most luxurious kitchen?

We have spared no expense from the hand painted silk wallpaper from De Gournay to the beautifully detailed bespoke kitchen we designed with our joinery firm, the eglomise mirror splashback with real silver leaf… to all the dressing. It is very glamorous and perhaps not taking into consideration practicalities as much as we normally would for a client but it’s a very calming and fresh space. Porta Romana’s lighting adds some coziness and further luxury.

Kelly Floor Lamp by Porta Romana

Who can you imagine living in a kitchen as beautiful as this?

Anyone who loves bright and airy interiors and enjoys natural influences, it has a very indoor outdoor vibe with the botanical wallpaper and three sets of French doors.

What did you enjoy most about this project?

The camaraderie with all the other designers and suppliers involved there are so many kind, funny, warm and generous people that I have got to know in this industry and it’s always great to catch up with them.

What did you find most challenging for this project?

Not having total control! There were a lot of different parties involved in the construction side so we have had to be very organised from a logistical point of view to ensure everything was done in time!

What would you say is your number one rule when designing?

Choose what you love and make sure it will endure the test of time.

Who are your clients and where are they based?

Our clients are very international and based all over the world, we have a lot of clients from the UAE.

Why should people visit Holiday House?

Because it’s an amazing cause to raise funds for breast cancer research and a great opportunity to be nosy!

Chianti Lamp by Porta Romana