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5th September 2017 • News

Q&A with &Objects


Sharing the same ambition to create things of enduring beauty.  We invited Martin Brudnizki and Nicholas Jeanes of And Objects to collaborate with us for the first time.

Established in 2015 by ‘award-winning perfectionist’ and founder of his own eponymous interior design studio, Martin Brudnizki and long-term friend and product designer, Nicholas Jeanes. And Objects was born out of the belief that through constructing honest objects capable of marrying functionality with aesthetics, we can elevate our daily lives.

Drawing on over fifteen years’ experience at Martin Brudnizki Design Studio, creating furniture and lighting for a client list that includes Four Seasons, Caprice Holdings (The Ivy, Sexy Fish, Scott’s) and The Royal Academy of Arts, And Objects has an exciting and extensive archive of experience to reference.

We are delighted to join forces with And Objects to create a capsule collection formed of five lamps, which will launch along side Stillness.

We asked the dynamic duo about their inspiration for the collection and the design process behind it, discover their answers here.


How would you describe your design style?

And Objects create bespoke products of extraordinary beauty that embody both the artist-engineer of the modern movement and the master craftsman of a medieval guild.

With interior design constantly changing do you prefer to follow trends or change with them when designing?

We don’t tend to follow trends but instead focus on creating objects which endure time and are exquisitely executed. Our main focus is to create something which is beautifully made and employs the finest materials and craftsmanship.

Why did you want to design for Porta Romana?

We have always admired Porta Romana and the design studio, Martin Brudnizki Design Studio (MBDS), has used pieces within some of its projects. At And Objects we have never worked with ceramics before so when we were approached by Porta Romana we leapt at the opportunity.


How do you start the design process?

For this collection we researched examples of old antique vases and vessels as well as researching the process of creation. In doing so we learnt how lead-glazes behave and found this a very interesting area which we wanted to look into more.

What inspired your designs for our Stillness collection?

We have been inspired by the texture created by the traditional method of ceramic glazing; when heavy layers of glaze are used. The result of this is beautiful crackle glazes, spotted textures and revealed hidden colours from pigments used. Some of the finest examples of this technique can be found with East German lava-glazed ceramics. For the shape of each piece we looked to the natural world where organic shapes provide interest and intrigue. Gnarled roots, stone formations and shells all informed our designs.

There is a clear difference in the size of some of these pieces. How do you decide on the scale of the products you design?

We tried to visualise where each piece could be placed, either within a commercial or residential property. We found this a useful element whilst designing the collection. We also wanted to ensure the collection was varied and catered to all needs.

What did you find most challenging when designing this collection?

As this was the first time we have worked with ceramics, the process was a complete learning curve. We had to work out which glazes would create the most interesting patterns and colours and also how the ceramics would behave in the moulds.

How did you name some of the pieces?

The names have been inspired by the shapes of the pieces. Ingot, Root, Tier and Sway all reflect the shapes they represent, whilst imitating an onomatopoeic quality, most noticeable with Sway.

We asked you to reimagine parts of our showroom using our pieces as well as the &Objects for Porta Romana collection, tell us about this process?

We enjoyed exploring the Porta Romana collection, discovering new pieces we have not used before, and styling them along our side our capsule collection of lamps for you.

To discover the Stillness collection click here. 

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