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15th June 2021 • News, Blog

Spring 21 – The Finer Details


Each and every Porta Romana piece is conceived and created as a distinctive and original piece of design.

From the patination of the Bronzé finish, and the subtle textured surface of the Plaster White pieces, to the rippled pools of hand blown glass, and the alchemy of the glazing process, every design in the Porta Romana collection has its own intricate detailing that gives each piece a unique sense of character.

Explore a selection of Porta Romana pieces below and discover the beauty in the detail.


The Toucan is whimsical and charismatic, designed as if it could fly off its perch at any moment. To make the Toucan appear nimble, we created and concealed a metal armature within each cast, resulting in a piece that is both delicate and resilient.


The Vespa is instantly eye-catching, with its characterful markings created from a technique known as ‘trailing’. What sets the Vespa apart from most traditional marked glass pieces is its expressive trailing style. In a fast and staccato movement, the molten glass seeps into the form of the piece, and with an effect that resembles loose brushwork on a canvas, forms the Vespa.


With its overscaled shape and sculptural flutes, the Ophelia is one of our most theatrical pieces. Handcrafted in the Porta Romana workshop, the structure of the piece is first formed of forged tubes and steel mesh. The layers of textured plaster are then applied to give this piece is signature organic feel. Each Ophelia is individually made, with its white surface enhancing the soft glow of the light.