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10th December 2015 • News

The Making of the Globe Vase

The Globe Vase

A swirl of grey, a dash of white, a sprinkle of charcoal, all combined with the exquisite touch of a skilled craftsman and the result is the stunning, limited edition, Globe vase.

Lovingly handmade, each piece is unique and comes with the individual markings of the Maker that Porta Romana love and cherish. The process begins by mixing glass powders, in this case, a palette of frosty winter colours. A heated ‘slip’ of glass is dipped into the powders and placed into the kiln, as they become molten the shaping can begin. The talented makers round the piece using a wooden tool, forming a sphere and blowing into the vessel to expand. The process is repeated. As the glass grows thicker it becomes a truly luxury object. Finally, the globe is gently spun until the colours begin to run into each other, mixing as they cool. And the Globe vase is complete.

The Making of the Globe Vase
The Making of the Globe Vase

Perfect as a gift to a loved one or a treat for yourself, this limited edition piece is available gift-boxed from our London Showroom or can be dispatched directly from our Head Office.