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23rd April 2015 • News

The Secrets of the Mushroom Mirror

The Mushroom Mirror

Reminiscent of an antique French Mirror from the 1950s (with a Porta Romana whimsical twist) theMushroom Mirror started with a woodland mushroom, four different mushrooms to be exact. Drawn countless times by our designers with the hope of catching the essence of movement and the beauty of nature.

The making process starts in a Surrey workshop, with two steel frames, laser cut to ensure precision. Then, 83 hand cut mushrooms appear as though they are floating, their stalks encased between the two frames. It takes 15 hours work to craft the frame with its scores of steel dancing mushrooms, and that’s only the beginning.

One experienced Workshop Creative will begin the decorative process of applying the Mayan Gold paint finish. Over three days the frame will transform into a work of art, layers of gold leaf and texturing paints are applied in a total of 15 different processes and 16 paint brushes are used for the precise finish. And then after three days the final mushroom is complete, and the mirror is ready to leave the workshop, destined for the world’s most beautiful interiors.