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2nd February 2021 • News, Blog

Yellows & Blues


We have extended the finishes of some of our most loved pieces with a pallette of yellows and blues for four new table lamps.

Discover our new pieces below.


The new blue Tuxedo finish gives our Thread lamp a unique aquatic feel and reminds us of Bristol blue glass. The artistry of the glass-blowing process forms a delicate threading that wraps around to give the Thread an intricate and one-of-a-kind texture.


We’ve introduced a new Tortoiseshell and a new Sulphur finish to our Large Husk lamp. Both glazes are sourced locally and give the piece a decorative and characterful appearance.

With its generous proportions and bobbled ceramic surface, the Large Husk is impossible to ignore.


Our 1950s inspired Boublé lamp now comes in earthy Caramel finish. Joining the Reactive Moss and Eucalyptus colourways, the alchemy of the Caramel Boublé glazing process means that each lamp has its own unique pattern.


Explore our table lamps below