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Sustainability Statement

At Porta Romana we have always been mindful about protecting our planet, we were the first showroom in Design Centre Chelsea Harbour to switch to LED bulbs, simultaneously we changed from Halogen to LED on all bulbs dispatched, saving 76% less energy worldwide.

As we look forward to the future, sustainability is at the forefront of our minds, with a Green Team already in place, we are increasing the momentum. In March 2020, we will launch The Upcycling Club, a refurbishment and part exchange service, encouraging clients to update existing lamps or trade in their old Porta Romana pieces for new ones.

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Always sourcing materials locally, and working with highly skilled craftspeople, to produce our collections, has helped keep our carbon footprint to a minimum. In 2019, we transferred our lampshade making in-house, not only allowing for greater creativity, but 32,500 miles have been saved in the process.

We continue to challenge our makers, both creatively and on the topic of sustainability. Our ceramic makers practice sustainable manufacture, recycling waste heat, waste water and excess clay.

Our metalsmiths use materials naturally found on and in earth, producing pieces for us, forged from mild steel, using repurposed tools. We have increased the content of recycled materials in our products where possible, whilst our glass blowers conscientiously maintain the traditional glass blowing process, re-using the glass that remains on a blowers pipe, and using tools that have been passed through generations.

Over the coming months our devoted Green Team will continue to explore how we can further advance to make a positive impact on the planet, whilst the rest of our team will continue to make eco-friendly choices, both at work and in every aspect of our lives.

The Facts

It is our mission at Porta Romana to help protect the planet in everything we do, here are some of the facts to demonstrate how we do it… 80% of what we make is produced in England. 60% of our pieces are made less than 45 miles from our Head Office in Farnham, England.

Bringing our lampshade making in-house saves 32,500 miles in fuel per year.

We used 76% less energy by switching to LED bulbs.

Continuing our dedicated recycling campaign at Head Office, collectively we have reduced waste by a further 82%.

The recycling habits we adopt at Head Office, are accelerated by the enthusiasm of our team whose conscientiousness extends to every aspect of their lives.

Our painting studio use metal leaf to decorate our pieces, all surplus leaf is carefully collected and re-used.

We use materials such as ceramic and glass, which are celebrated for their longevity.

Our makers are waste conscious, practicing traditional methods, they save and reuse whatever they can, whilst using tools that are often passed down through generations and re-purposed.

Porta Romana pieces are built to be loved by you and for generations to come.

We want to make eco-friendly products without compromising on their beauty.

In March 2020 we will introduce The Upcycling Club, presenting an opportunity to update Porta Romana pieces, or part exchange them, rather than replacing them.

We are proud to announce our collaboration with Tala, specialists in LED lighting who like us constantly strive to improve their environmental impact. During 2020, we will introduce a bulb, with a bespoke light output, that will perfectly complement our lamps whilst lasting twice as long as most LED bulbs.