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The Workshop

Since day one, the heart of Porta Romana has been the painting studio, we call it ‘the workshop’. It is from here that simple metal, wood and composite is transformed and detailed to become one of our exquisite finished pieces. Over the decades we have created scores of new and elaborate techniques that includes 16 different shades of Gold.  Each new collection challenges us to create new finishes, from convincingly aged plaster, to perfecting the patina of a mussel shell.

Take the Mushroom mirror, it takes 15 hours to craft the frame with its scores of steel dancing mushrooms, and that’s only the beginning.

Once in our workshop we begin the decorative process of applying the Mayan Gold  finish. Over three days the frame will transform into a work of art, with layers of gold leaf and texturing paints applied in a total of 15 different processes using 16 diverse paint brushes to create the precise finish. After three days the final mushroom is complete, and the mirror is ready to leave the workshop, destined for the world’s most beautiful interiors.