The Upcycling Club

Give a new lease of life to your favourite Porta Romana piece with The Upcycling Club. With our unique refurbishment and part exchange service, you can transform the look of your favourite pieces or trade them in for a new one.

The Upcycling Club is our promise to you that our pieces are made to be loved and built to last. Whether touching in a tired piece, changing the finish of a lamp, repairing a lampshade, or switching the colour of a flex, The Upcycling Club can revive any piece to become something new and entirely unique. Alternatively, we can part-exchange your piece for something completely brand new.

Restore & Refurbish

A Porta Romana a piece should always look its best. This is why we offer the complete restoration and rewiring of your favourite pieces, so they can be brought back as close as possible to their original condition. Alternatively, should you wish to adapt the look of one of our pieces, our talented team of artists can change the finish for you by swapping fabrics or switching colours.

Part Exchange

There are some changes a refurbishment just can’t fix. On those occasions, we will happily accept your existing pieces back in part-exchange for something new. In return, we'll give you a credit note valuation for your existing pieces, or if you prefer we can make a donation to our charity, SOS Africa.


Part Exchange

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